Season 1 | Episode 1: 08:00

13 Hours: Race Against Time

Family, Germany 2010

"13 Hours: Race Against Time" is a thrilling, cleverly conceived youth series that combines crime thriller elements with science fiction elements. The special thing about it: the story is told in real time, as if you were there yourself! Ben, Jonas, Leo, Sophie and Özzi hear a huge bang in their school. When they go to investigate, they discover that a group of gangsters are holding the classmates of the astronomy course captive. All exits from the school are sealed off. The disparate students are on their own. Only if they stick together and become a real team do they have a chance to save the class and even the whole world. When Ben, Jonas, Leo, Özzi and Sophie have to come to school on Saturday for detention, they have no idea that they are in for the biggest adventure of their lives. Apart from the five of them, only the astronomy class is present when suddenly a group of gangsters storm into the school. What are they? And what do they want in their school, of all places? The detention students, who didn't even really know each other until just now, realize that they are all on their own. They have only 12 hours to prevent a catastrophe.
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Prix Jeunesse International Fiction
Prize of the international youth jury White elephant

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Andreas Morell


Hans Hafner

Sound Design:

Robert Klemm


Timon Wloka (Ben Brehmer)

Janina Fautz (Leonora 'Leo' Largareta)

Timmi Trinks (Jonas Stürmer)

Ugur Ekeroglu (Özgür 'Özzi' Delikaya)

Ruby O. Fee (Sophie Kellermann)

Peter Lohmeyer (Professor Brehmer)

Eralp Uzun (Cenk Delikaya)

Original title:

Allein gegen die Zeit

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16:9 SD, Color

Age Recommendation:

Starting at 12 years

Age rating:

Starting at 12

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