Season 2 | Episode 7: 14:00

13 Hours: Race Against Time

Family, Germany 2011

Never before have the friends been in such danger and never before have they been so torn apart. Ben is separated from the others and Leo is getting worse. Özzi is deeply offended and feels betrayed by Jonas. Only Sophie seems to realize that they have to get back together and act immediately. Jonas, who is very afraid for Leo, finally makes a daring decision. While the gangsters want to put their plan into action in 6 hours, Jonas only has minutes to save Leo's life.
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Prize of the international youth jury White elephant
Prix Jeunesse International Fiction

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Andreas Morell


Hans Hafner

Sound Design:

Robert Klemm


Timon Wloka (Ben Brehmer)

Janina Fautz (Leonora 'Leo' Largareta)

Timmi Trinks (Jonas Stürmer)

Ugur Ekeroglu (Özgür 'Özzi' Delikaya)

Ruby O. Fee (Sophie Kellermann)

Peter Lohmeyer (Professor Brehmer)

Eralp Uzun (Cenk Delikaya)

Original title:

Allein gegen die Zeit

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16:9 HD, Color

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Starting at 12 years

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Starting at 12

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