Season 2 | Episode 8: 15:00

13 Hours: Race Against Time

Family, Germany 2011

Will Jonas succeed in saving Leo and the others through his breakneck efforts? After the first sense of achievement, the next danger is already lurking. Before the gate of the dangerous area, Cenk and Professor Brehmer are shielded, but the professor still manages to sneak into the area. But how can he find Ben and the others without being discovered himself? Then he comes across a cupboard with mysterious protective clothing. There are 5 hours left to stop the gangsters.
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Prize of the international youth jury White elephant
Prix Jeunesse International Fiction

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Andreas Morell


Hans Hafner

Sound Design:

Robert Klemm


Timon Wloka (Ben Brehmer)

Janina Fautz (Leonora 'Leo' Largareta)

Timmi Trinks (Jonas Stürmer)

Ugur Ekeroglu (Özgür 'Özzi' Delikaya)

Ruby O. Fee (Sophie Kellermann)

Peter Lohmeyer (Professor Brehmer)

Eralp Uzun (Cenk Delikaya)

Original title:

Allein gegen die Zeit

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16:9 HD, Color

Age Recommendation:

Starting at 12 years

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Starting at 12

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