Mini-series | Episode 1: It should have been me

Tiny Tragedies

Everyday life/Animation, France 1999

The story’s characters confronts daily life with all its strangeness and cruelty. Suspended moments in course of their life bring them face to face with themselves, as their cowardice and profound anguish catch up with them. The false banality of daily life follows the twisted path of emotions, bringing thoughts of death and of missing socks. On his way to work, a man discovers a train derailment at the entrance to the bridge he crosses every morning. If he hadn't been late, he should have been there at the precise moment of the accident. After a moment's reflection, it dawns on him that he owes his life to a misplaced sock.
4 min
Starting at 6
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Serge Besset


Patrick Eveno

Original title:

Les Tragédies minuscules

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4:3 HD, Color

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Starting at 6

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