Schloß Königswald

Book adaptation/Comedy, Germany 1988

Eight noble old ladies and their maids wait for the end of the Second World War in Königswald Castle. Princess Ursela has come to terms with her grandmother, the Countesses Hohenlohe, Dohna, Posadowsky and Woronzoff as well as Baroness Schweinitz and Baroness von Boehme. The Americans are advancing towards the castle from one side, the Russians are approaching from the other. Suddenly, Wehrmacht soldiers holed up in the castle to defend it. However the old ladies don't want to be defended at all, in order not to risk the destruction of their beloved castle. So they forge a crazy plan to get rid of the German soldiers...
86 min
Starting at 12
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Peter Schamoni


Horst Bienek (Novella)


Peter Schamoni


Camilla Horn (Princess Grandmother)

Dietlinde Turban (Princess Ursela)

Marianne Hoppe (Countess Hohenlohe)

Carola Höhn (Countess Dohna)

Rose Renée Roth (Countess Posadowsky)

Fee von Reichlin (Baroness Schweinitz)

Marika Rökk (Baroness of Boehme)

Anja Kruse (Milka Piontek)

Wolfgang Fierek (Franz Hallhuber)

Original title:

Schloß Königswald

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Further titles:

Die letzte Geschichte von Schloß Königswald


4:3 SD, Color

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Starting at 12

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