Holger & Hanna

Coming of Age/Comedy, Germany 2014

Holger's (Florian Donath) parents recently divorced. The 16-year-old doesn't think that's too bad, especially since his teacher has taken pity on him and will no longer say anything if he hasn't done his homework. But now dad (Kai Börner) has a new girlfriend: Hanna (Ruth Maria Thomas). She is only three years older than Holger, and she went to his same school until the summer. Since Holger was fourteen, he tried to speak to Hanna but didn't dare. "And now she's going out with papa. That is sick. You have to do something about it!" The only solution Holger can see is that Mama (Andrea Kulka) and Papa get back together, so that Hanna can be free for Holger.
85 min
Starting at 12
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Werner Bauer (Psychologist)

Erik Born (Hanna's Brother)

Kai Börner (Father)

Florian Donath (Holger)

Ruth-Maria Thomas (Hanna)

Hauke Grewe (Teacher)

Andrea Kulka (Mother)


Mai-An Nguyen

Original title:

Holger & Hanna

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Further titles:

Holger & Hanna (und der ganze kranke Rest)


16:9 HD, Color

Age rating:

Starting at 12

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