Children of the Sun - Wild Bees

Nature/Environment, Germany 2017

Bees and butterflies play an important role in the pollination of plants and the production of crops for human and animal consumption. The buzzing of the bees and the vibrant colours of butterflies are the staples of the tranquillity and raw beauty of the countryside – a place which beguiles the eyes and calms the soul. But with the hustle and bustle of modern day life, we tend to neglect the microscopic worlds embedded within our own; the symbiotic relationship between their worlds and ours. The film takes a step into their unknown world. When we talk about bees, most people think of the insects that produce honey that humans have come to appreciate as a tasty food. Hardly anybody realizes that there are more than 560 different bee species. Most of them live their lives "as busy as a bee," some “abuse" other insects. Yet others are even known to be murderers. The film Children of the Sun - Wild Bees shows the incredible diversity and the stunning adaptations of our bees to various habitats and diverse living conditions. Fascinating fights, sensational performances, imposing structures and colourful creatures – the world of Wild Bees offers all of this and more.
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Audience Award @ Darss Nature Film Fest
German Natural History Film Award @ Darss Nature Film Fest
Festival International Nature Namur 2017 Grand Prix

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Jan Haft


Jan Haft

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Die geheimnisvolle Welt der Bienen

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