Seven Women

Comedy/Drama, Germany 1989

"Seven Women" is Thome's third film in the trilogy "Formen der Liebe" (Forms of Love). This third film is a modern fairy tale: Hans Hummel (Johannes Herrschmann) abandons a South Sea paradise and returns to his old homeland to trace his deceased father's path in life. His father has not only bequeathed him a large house, but also what seems to be a treasure map, in the form of a computer. While he is pursuing this treasure hunt, he meets up with seven women - the family in the neighbouring house, who support him both in business and in his personal life. But instead of delighting in his new found wealth, he trades money and gold for happiness.
90 min
Starting at 6
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Rudolf Thome


Rudolf Thome


Johannes Herrschmann (Hans Hummel)

Adriana Altaras (Alti)

Elisabeth Zündel (Johanna)

Alexandra Schnaubelt (Sylvie)

Margarete Raspé (Catharina Hellmann)

Johanna Danubius (Grandmother)

Irene Rindje (Frieda)

Susanne Jansen (Andrea)

Jan Tillmann Schade (Jan van Geldern)

Original title:

7 Frauen

Original language:


Further titles:

Sieben Frauen


16:9 HD, Color


FBW "valuable"

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Starting at 6

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