Waiting for Harold

Animation/Short Film, Germany 2019

A view around the market place shows everything that can go wrong in life. A hopeful romantic waits, flower in hand for her blind date, but he doesn't show up because his bus is late. The latter in turn almost runs over a man who has thrown a parcel bomb into an open window and is now running away hastily. An old woman is sitting on a bench feeding pigeons, when suddenly her handbag is stolen by a motorcyclist speeding by. And a passer-by with an open umbrella is killed by a concert grand piano crashing onto the sidewalk from the seventh floor of a house. So much bad luck all at once. It's not possible. Yes, there is, even if you look for the second time. And the third time. But what happens if you change just one small detail in this whole arrangement when you look repeatedly?

More information

Original title:

Waiting for Harold

Original language:

no dialogue

Further titles:

Alles bewegt sich! (10)


16:9 HD, Color

Age Recommendation:

Starting at 6 years


FBW "especially valuable"

Age rating:

Starting at 0

Audio language:

no dialogue