Bodo Wartke - König Ödipus

Book adaptation/Comedy, Germany 2010

Bodo Wartke's version of the classic tragedy is a solo theater with the piano cabaret artist in all roles. With only nine props and rapid role changes, Bodo Wartke tells the story of Oedipus, who ignorantly kills his own father and later, as a reward for freeing Thebes from the Sphinx, gets his own mother to be his wife. Bodo's version of the classical tragedy is a solo theatre production, with the talented piano cabaret artist in all roles! This stage version of King Oedipus offers a barrier-free introduction to the legendary material, which is rightly famous. A fabulous Bodo Wartke combines comedy and tragedy into an unforgettable evening at the theatre - something that can be experienced again and again!
108 min
Starting at 6
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Sven Schütze


Sophocles (Stage Play)


Bodo Wartke (All Roles)

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