The Artificial Uterus: Birth Without Bodies (French version)

Society/Knowledge, France 2010

An artificial placenta, synthetic amniotic fluid: these medical advancements designed to help premature babies could soon allow the creation of an 'artificial uterus', and with it the possibility of fabricating human babies outside of a woman's body. The film is a scientific investigation about this life-making machine. How could it work? Why would we want to externalise pregnancy? Who will benefit from it? What will the consequences be on the future baby? Award-winning film director Marie Mandy explores the value of life and the power of science in this thought-provoking and creative film.
53 min
Starting at 6
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Marie Mandy


Marie Mandy

Original title:

L'Utérus artificiel, le ventre de personne

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1:1.66 SD, Colorized

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Starting at 6 (Frightening & Intense Scenes)

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