Mini Series | Episode 18: A canary feather tree / The frog is a big mouth / Rabbit motor, drive in front / Schnuddel catches a rabbit

Janoschs Traumstunde

Book adaptation/Animation, Germany 1986

A canary feather tree Gardener Bockelmann shows Schnuddel how to become a gardener. Schnuddel understands. He plants a canary feather, a gummy bear and a trouser button in the ground. Every day he waters the little garden. In the fall, something actually grows. Schnuddel demonstrates his breeding: but the gardener just laughs and says: "Weeds". The frog is a big mouth A frog sat on a stone and croaked as if he owned the world. He was convinced that he was the greatest in every respect: in beauty, long and high jump, chest crawling, diving, fly chasing, soprano singing, and in general. Schnuddel could not prove him wrong. Because the frog also had the biggest mouth in the world. So big, in fact, that he finally swallowed himself. That's what happens. Rabbit engine, drive in front Schnuddel had a tandem. And he had friends, but none with long legs and strong leg muscles. And a desire to ride a tandem. Then he remembered Rudi, the rabbit. He had muscles like iron. Rudi was very stubborn, did everything the other way around. Schnuddel knew that. Rudi wanted to ride the tandem, alone. Schnuddel said, no, a tandem was for two, and in the front sat the strong and clever, in the back the weak and stupid. Of course Rudi wanted to sit in front, every day. So he drove Schnuddel around every day. A very nice time for Schnuddel, and he saw a lot. Schnuddel catches a hare Schnuddel and Schnuddelpferdchen want to catch the hare Valerian and dig a deep pit. They camouflage it so well that they fall in themselves. No one hears their cries for help. Not the canary. Not the donkey. Even the friendly forester Pfeifenkopp passes by. It is the rabbit Valerian himself who saves Schnuddel and Schnuddelpferdchen's lives.
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Jürgen Egenolf


Janosch (Based on the Characters of the Picture Books)


Wolfram Brunke


Carry Breys


Enrico Platter


Hansjoachim Krietsch (Narrator)

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Janoschs Traumstunde

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