Season 1 | Episode 1

600 Bottles Of Wine

Drama/Comedy, Australia 2018

Based on writer Grace Rouvray’s internationally acclaimed blog "The Island of the Dead", this fresh comedy series has already screened on BBC Three (UK) and Network Ten (Australia) and was officially selected by LA Webfest, with Rouvray awarded ‘Best Actress’ honours, in addition to an "Outstanding Writing" nomination celebrating her unique, exciting and hilarious new voice. After breaking up with her boyfriend of the past five years, Claire (Grace Rouvray, House of Hancock) is flung back into the rollercoaster world of the dating scene where she finds herself apprehensive about the rules, expectations and implications she must navigate as a newly single woman. But when Claire makes a genuine connection that goes beyond one-night-stand sex with advertising manager and bedroom adonis Pat (Angus McLaren, Neighbours), her ‘Queen Pack’ of trustworthy friends is there to help her establish where she stands in the relationship. However, as Pat and Claire begin to grow closer the anxious young single quickly discovers all is not well with her budding romance – battling ambiguous mixed messages, a terrifyingly late period and the ‘other woman’ in Pat’s life. Poking fun at everything from the pitfalls of Tinder to the dreaded walk of shame and the always confusing "commitment conversation", "600 Bottles of Wine" looks at the anti-relationship many young women find themselves in today and what dating is really like in an era where no one says what they truly mean…or what they want. Newly single Claire is dragged out by her friends Harriet, Timmie and Nat to drown her sorrows after breaking up with her boyfriend of 5 years. She decides that having a one night stand may be the thing to cheer her up. Her friends are dubious about her one night stand ability so Claire takes them on. Nervous but determined she goes home with Liam for a night of foot loose fancy free, wine fuelled sex.
8 min
Starting at 15
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Grace Rouvray (Claire)

Nerida Bronwen (Nat)

Adam Franklin (Liam)

Nancy Denis (Timmie)

Stephanie Baine (Harriet)

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600 Bottles Of Wine

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16:9 HD, Color

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Starting at 15 (Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking)

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