Mini Series | Episode 10: Honey flowers taste sweet / Oh, how lonely is the air

Janoschs Traumstunde

Animation/Family, Germany 1986

Honey flowers taste sweet Schnuddelpappa fishes a lot of great things out of the river every day. One day he fishes for a message in a bottle and gives it to Schnuddel. When his friend, the canary, finally gives him a feather for his big hat, all is right with the world for Schnuddel. And because Schnuddel is in such a good mood today, he doesn't like to kill the fish he caught. Out of gratitude, the fish spares the mosquito. The mosquito in turn stings the hunter, who then misses the eagle with his rifle. Oh, how lonely is the air There are days when it's best not to get up at all. Schnuddel has such a day today. First he can't find a shoe, then he has to comb the grass for his mother, chase away the woodworms, feed the ants, and so on and so forth.... Schnuddel is fed up and runs away from home. He hides in a high tree and wants to stay there forever. But it's pretty cold up there. The canary and the Schnuddelpferdchen fetch him back home.
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Janosch (Based on the Characters of the Picture Books)


Wolfram Brunke


Carry Breys


Enrico Platter


Hansjoachim Krietsch (Narrator)

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Janoschs Traumstunde

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4:3 SD, Color

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Starting at 4 years

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Starting at 0

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