Mini Series | Episode 16: The raven Josef

Janoschs Traumstunde

Family/Book adaptation, Germany 1986

When Joseph was born, he could not see them at first. Big and wide his six brothers sat on him. But that didn't matter to him. Joseph was different from his brothers. He loved the lonely heights. In boundless freedom he drew his circles and became a perfect flying artist. But once the free raven Joseph almost became like his brothers, dragging glittering stuff and wealth together like them, forgetting everything else, even himself. Until a great storm came and swept everything away. Then he remembered his flying skills and that he was a great sky master, and now he also wanted to become a world champion: to master the world. He started with the little people, at school. Became a friend of those who needed friends. And those who understood him, learned how to cope with everything, that something improved is more improved than nothing improved.
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Janosch (Based on the Characters of the Picture Books)


Carry Breys


Enrico Platter


Hansjoachim Krietsch (Narrator)

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Janoschs Traumstunde

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4:3 SD, Color

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Starting at 4 years

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