Mini Series | Episode 13: The Beautiful Life of Robinson the Rabbit / Goodbye Little Piggy

Janoschs Traumstunde

Family/Book adaptation, Germany 1986

The beautiful life of the rabbit Robinson One day the rabbit Robinson packs his seven things into a sack and leaves his unfriendly parental home. He lets himself be hired on the "Hot Marie", a daring sailing ship, and on the very first trip narrowly escapes being attacked by the pirate ship "Wild Napoleon". At the last minute, he rescues himself on a small island. There he knows how to set himself up like his literary role model Robinson. He catches a small goat, builds himself a parasol and, last but not least, a cozy hut. He also soon has a companion, the wild black hare, whom he calls Meierink. It could have stayed like this forever. But then one day a merchant ship docks and takes the little hare with it. Goodbye, dear island. Goodbye, little piggy "We can play well together, can't we, tiger!" said the little pig, and already the tiger had a new friend. The tiger went to catch fish for her, peeled the potatoes, cut the onions, turned on the oven - in short, did everything the little pig wanted. There the small bear was completely alone at home. He couldn't stand it for long, so he went to find his friend Tiger. The tiger couldn't stand all the work for the little pig, who liked to lie around in bed. So the bear and the tiger met again in old and new friendship.
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Janosch (Based on the Characters of the Picture Books)


Wolfram Brunke


Carry Breys


Enrico Platter


Hansjoachim Krietsch (Narrator)

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Janoschs Traumstunde

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4:3 SD, Color

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