Season 2 | Episode 15: Wallpaper Madness / The Amazing Schnucki / Dancing For Donuts / La Cage Aux Peppercorns

Fix and Foxi

Animation/Adventure, Germany 2001

Uncle Fax would like to renovate the house and is thrilled that Fix and Foxi want to help him. Lupo is also involved. Unfortunately, master wallpaperer Lupo has absolutely no idea about wallpapering and painting and soon things get chaotic. When Schnucki finally masters the trick that Fix and Foxi have taught him, Lupo grabs the little dog and performs with him in the circus. Suddenly a huge lion is standing in the ring. Everyone is practicing in the big dance competition. When the time comes, Lupo tries some illegal tricks again. Is he smarter than Fix and Foxi and Lupinchen together? Papa invites an old school friend who's come a long way to dinner. He asks his family to behave in an exemplary manner to impress his old friend at least a little. Of course, Lucky and the twins take advantage of this opportunity to really embarrass Papa.
23 min
Starting at 6
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Antoni D‘Ocon


Susan Kim


Rolf Kauka (Comics)


Matthias Raue

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4:3 HD, Color

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Starting at 6

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