Season 2 | Episode 17: Fax The Fearless / A Clean Sweep / Deuce Coupe Duo / Crash Course

Fix and Foxi

Adventure/Animation, Germany 2001

Uncle Fax's cousin is a well-known and courageous explorer. But his visit to the Fuchsburg forest brings out a different side of him. Of course, he is actively supported by Fix and Foxi and Lupinchen. Grandma Eusebia's living room is completely sooty because something is clogging the fireplace. Of course, Fix and Foxi help her clear the fireplace. Unfortunately, a lot of dirt ends up on Grandma's carpet, which Grandma doesn't like at all. Bad luck for Lupo, who is just entering the door. Fix and Foxi practice for the Fuchsburg soapbox race. Their cars run fine, but suddenly a dangerous competitor appears. The spoiled, rich child not only did not build his car himself, but also fights with illicit means. But if he wants to fight unfairly, so be it, because their hot boxes also have some tricks in store. Dad can no longer watch Pip and Pep hanging out in front of the computer. You should learn something from real life. When the twins want a new flight simulator for their PC, Dad thinks he has a much better idea. He takes them to an airfield where they can do their first real flight lesson.
23 min
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Antoni D‘Ocon


Susan Kim


Rolf Kauka (Comics)


Matthias Raue

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4:3 HD, Color

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Starting at 6

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