Season 1 | Episode 1: A Friend in Need


Animation, Canada/France 1997

Ivanhoe is a faithful knight of King Richard the Lionheart, who has been abducted by an Austrian Emperor. Ivanhoe tries to raise money for the ransom with the help of his allies, and to overcome his enemy, Prince John, the brother of King Richard. Ivanhoe finds himself in a bitter fight to keep Prince John from having his brother killed and taking over the throne. On the other side Prince John tries with every means to discredit Ivanhoe‘s cause and to keep him from raising the needed money. Ivanhoe’s old friend Sir Miles return from the Crusades after several years in prison. Wishing to pay his respects to Richard, his venerable sovereign, he comes to York, where is he astonished to find Prince John on the throne. The Prince lies to the honourable knight, telling him Richard was betrayed and handed over to the Holy Roman Emperor by ... Ivanhoe! Miles already had an old account to settle with our hero ... now Ivanhoe must pay! For the Prince, Miles’ desire for revenge is a perfect means for getting hands on the treasure Ivanhoe is collecting to ransom Richard. Following the Regent’s deceitful advice, Miles disguises himself as a pilgrim and goes to Rotherwood. But Ivanhoe quickly recognises his old friend and at last manages to open his eyes to the truth.
23 min
Starting at 12
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Alan Sion

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Ivanhoë - Chevalier du roi

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Starting at 12

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