Season 2 | Episode 16: Snow Way Out / Apes Of Wrath / The Last One Pays / Choko Blocko

Fix and Foxi

Animation/Adventure, Germany 2001

Fuchsburg is haunted by snow and ice. Schnucki couldn't have chosen a better moment to run away. Fix and Foxi can't let grandma Eusebia down and start a search. Fix and Foxi, Professor Knox, Lupo, Lupinchen and Uncle Fax are together on a safari. They want to explore the eating habits of gorillas. But Uncle Fax doesn't really want to think about food, because he is on a diet again. When Lupo's chocolate stock suddenly disappears, everyone suspects Uncle Fax. But if it wasn't him, then who ate the chocolate? Actually Fix and Foxi had been longing to sit with grandma Eusebia and Lupinchen in the restaurant with ice cream and cake when Lupo cries for help again. And he really needs it, because he has fallen into a torrential mountain river and is drifting straight towards a sawmill. Pip and Pep want to finally get their Schoko-Blocko card collection complete. Actually, they are only missing one single trading card - but it is very rare. They have to come up with an idea to get as many Schoko-Blockos as possible.
23 min
Starting at 6
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Antoni D‘Ocon


Susan Kim


Rolf Kauka (Comics)


Matthias Raue

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4:3 HD, Color

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Starting at 6

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