Season 2 | Episode 23: Tree House / Flame To The Games / Clowning Around / Make Mine Makiki

Fix and Foxi

Animation/Adventure, Germany 2001

Fix and Foxi's new tree house is only missing the furniture. While they are away, the tree is simply sawn off and transported to the garbage dump, along with the tree house and Lupinchen in it! When a runner carries the Olympic fire through Fuchsburg, Schnucki runs to his feet and the torch flies away. Fix and Foxi immediately start the flame rescue operation, which must never go out. Lupo accidentally becomes a trapeze artist. This is great fun, but also a huge problem, because Lupo is terrified of heights. So Fix and Foxi have to get him down there quickly. When Makiki is supposed to play in a commercial for animal food, the quick fame goes to his head and he gets star airs.
23 min
Starting at 6
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Antoni D‘Ocon


Susan Kim


Rolf Kauka (Comics)


Matthias Raue

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4:3 HD, Color

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Starting at 6

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