Mini Series | Episode 11: Cloud room house / I'll make you well, said the bear

Janoschs Traumstunde

Animation/Family, Germany 1986

Cloud Room House Schnuddel wants to build a house, and the little horse helps him. In your own house, you can make as much noise as you want. And not only that. In a house like the one Schnuddel is building, you can do anything you can imagine in your imagination, provided it lasts... I'll make you healthy, said the bear The little tiger feels disgustingly bad. He just hurts all over. The little bear helps him as best he can. But finally the tiger has to go to the hospital to Dr. Brausefrosch. All the animals they meet on the way accompany him. But it is only half as bad. The tiger has only slipped a stripe on his fur. After a small operation and excellent catering by the little bear, he is quickly restored.
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Janosch (Based on the Characters of the Picture Books)


Wolfram Brunke


Carry Breys


Enrico Platter


Hansjoachim Krietsch (Narrator)

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Janoschs Traumstunde

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4:3 SD, Color

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Starting at 4 years

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