Mental Health (US)

Hand on heart: We all have bad moods at times, and we also know sadness to varying degrees. But what happens when you feel mentally down, listless or sad over a longer period of time? Then it might be time to take more care of your emotional and psychological state, your mental health. Sometimes even small things can help to strengthen one's mental well-being: taking more breaks, more exercise, more time for family and friends - and, who knows, maybe watching films will help a little bit too. The films show sometimes subtly, sometimes very clearly, how our mental health can affect us in our daily lives and the lives of those close to us. They are sad films, but at the same time they can offer empathy, understanding and hope, and show that we are not alone. Finally, our urgent advice: Mental health is a highly complex subject to grasp. If problems are noticeably serious, seek professional help. Take care of your mental health!