As You Like It

Drama/Romance, Germany 1970

This film by Klaus Überall was based a famous bestseller by Willi Heinrich: "Schmetterlinge weinen nicht", which also names the film in its original language. This is the story of Cilly. She is young, and the man she loves is much older than her. Although he too is overwhelmed by his passion, he hesitates to break all bridges behind him. When he is finally ready to end his marriage for this connection, the conflicts between the lovers become more and more violent... This film tells the story of an unusual love, detailed down to the most intimate processes and yet full of delicacy.
83 min
A partir de 18 años
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Klaus Überall


Heidi Genée


Peter Schamoni


Siegfried Wischnewski (Karl Engelmann)

Antje Weisgerber (Inge Engelmann)

Fritz Wepper (Hans Engelmann)

Elmar Wepper (Werner Engelmann)

Elisabeth Wiedemann (Mrs. Wagner)

Gaby Fuchs (Cilly Schneider)

Max Mairich (Alfred)

Katharina Matz (Brigitte Schneider)

Título original:

Schmetterlinge weinen nicht

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4:3 SD, Color

Clasificación por edad:

A partir de 18 años

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